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Our Mission

"The National Center for Automotive Science & Technology at Weber State University is an education, industry and government partnership created to develop a better understanding of vehicle emissions, advanced emission control technology, fuels and transportation issues among academic, regulatory and private sectors. Our goal is to increase public awareness and involvement through applied research, science and education so that action can be taken to create and maintain a better way of life."


NCAST is a team of a few current Weber State University undergraduate students, a project coordinator, and a director, who work together to fulfill the NCAST mission. The Center is dedicated to providing students of Weber State with beneficial experience and expertise that will help them in their future endeavors. NCAST has though the years of it's existence has hired a variety of students in different disciplines base on the needs of The Center. Our current team consist of...

Joe Thomas - Director

Chris Woodhave - Project Coordinator / Automotive Expert

Brian Magness - Web Developer

Ron Hunt - App Developer / System Admin

Lance Ure - Web Developer / System Admin

Alan Walker - Curriculum Developer / Automotive Expert

Weber State University

Ogden, Utah 84408